Australian Menu Planning Guide

Australian Menu Planning Guide
Now, for a limited time, this seminal work is available at NO cost! Nada, Zip. Free!!! Take advantage of this offer. and discover a whole world of flavours.
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Now, for a limited time, this seminal work is available at NO cost! Nada, Zip. Free!!! Take advantage of this offer. and discover a whole world of flavours.

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Menu Planning is an important and timely task every chef has to undertake. So to help make the task easy we have prepared the Australian Menu Planning Guide.

This is 48 pages of dishes and concepts for restaurants, hotels, conference, function and venue caterers who are interested in discovering ways to integrate Australian ingredients and set themselves apart from the crowd. You need to differentiate your food offering from your competitors and an innovative, Australian menu is an extremely effective way of doing this.

The Australian Menu Planning Guide can be considered a foundation for establishing Australian set menus, buffets, breakfast menus and a la carte dishes.

Hundreds of chefs around the world now use Australian wild ingredients on their menus everyday. Thousands of dishes have been created featuring them and probably millions of diners now recognize that an original, unmistakable, Australian cuisine is emerging from this concerted effort.

Apart from your regular menus, you could develop a series of Australian variations including breakfast, morning tea, lunch dinner and cocktail party, all with the unique flavours of Australia. Australian ingredients such as Lemon Myrtle Sprinkle, Wattleseed, Alpine Pepper, Yakajirri and Paperbark together with Australian game or domesticated meats and seafood.

Topics included in the latest version of the Australian Menu Planning Guide are;

Freshly squeezed juice cocktails, Blended Smoothies, Sparkling Wines, Cereals, Cold Buffet Breakfast, Breakfast Sausages, Live Breakfast Stations, Cold Plated Breakfast, Hot Plated Breakfast, Breakfast Crepes, Breakfast Bakery

Coffee Shop & Room Service
Cookies and Biscuits, Friands, Sweet Muffins, Savoury Muffins, Caf? meals / Room Service, Gourmet Wood fired pizzas, Australian Gourmet Meat Pies

Bread Selection, Buffet Soups, Buffet Salads, Antipasto, Hot Buffet Dishes, Wet Dishes, BBQ Dishes, Carvery and Roasts, Buffet Condiments, Potato & Farinaceous Dishes, Vegetarian Dishes, Live Pasta Station, Buffet Desserts

Cold Canapés, Hot Canapés, Canapé Oysters, Soup Canapés, Hot Fork Styled Dishes, Antipasto, Live Cooking / Carving Stations

Amuse Bouche, Soups, Cold Appetizers, Hot Appetizers, Vegetarian Appetizers, Oysters, Sorbets, Main Courses ? Seafood, Main Courses – Meat, Poultry & Game, Vegetarian Main Courses, Desserts, Australian Cheeses, Ice-creams, Gelato, Chocolate Truffles

This is the third edition of the Australian Menu Planning Guide. It comes as a PDF and requires Adobe Acrobat to be installed to be read. This is handy for chefs who travel and who don?t want to carry around large and bulky cookbooks.

The Australian Menu Planning Guide is also included in our Chefs Hamper which is includes a wide range of Australian wild ingredients and allows chefs to experiment and plan menus.

So join the elite group of creative chefs, chefs who are pioneers in their own exploration of the newest concept in food anywhere in the world.


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