Flavour-infused oils


Naturally derived infused oils made from steam distilled essential oils and other herb and spice extracts; paperbark (natural food wrap); Bluegum smoke oil; Paperbark smoke oil and more. These make adding our flavours to food as easy as it can be. Even some savoury flavours lend themselves to unusual applications in ice creams and gelato.


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  • Bluegum smoke oil is a naturally derived flavour designed to add that special taste of Australia to grilled meats, roasted vegetables and any dish where a subtle hint of the Australian BBQ can enhance, tempt and tantalize.
  • Australia is not really known for its rainforests but prompt often enough and most people would have heard of the Daintree. It is a place of natural mystery with giant trees, lianas and dense undergrowth, where food is in abundance, if you know what to look for and just where to look. Some of the aromatic herbs used in this Splash come from our Australian rainforests.
  • A very Australian flavour oil which is often used in combination with honey. However, other complementary flavours include other aromatic ingredients eg garlic, caramel, smoke, many herbs, ginger, to name a few.
  • From the pristine wild southern alpine ranges I blend my Mountain Pepper with Wasabi and the zing of Chili. It's bound to set new heights for your taste buds.
  • An intense flavour of lemon, lime and lemongrass characteristic of the lemon myrtle we use with its high citral content. Use in chocolate making and dairy desserts eg bavarois, anglaise, whipped cream etc. Add as a finishing flavour to sauces or cold blended condiments and dressings. Lemon myrtle sprinkle oil can easily be blended into mayonnaise and other emulsion sauces or just sparingly brush over cooked fish, seafood, chicken or vegetables.
  • Paperbark smoke oil is a delicious flavour oil used in the same ways as truffle oil only even more versatile. It is ideal for any meat, fish, shellfish, vegetable (try it over roasted sweet corn on the cob), eggs, rice, mash, condiment, dressing in fact, any dish that a subtle hint of smoke can enhance. Try a seeded mustard made interestingly smoked with just a dash of paperbark smoke oil. Whisk some in to your favorite sauce. It even works in a basic custard or how about some paperbark smoked ice cream?