Naturally derived infused oils made from steam distilled essential oils and other herb and spice extracts; paperbark (natural food wrap); Bluegum smoke oil; Paperbark smoke oil and more. These make adding our flavours to food as easy as it can be. Even some savoury flavours lend themselves to unusual applications in ice creams and gelato.


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  • Paperbark Flatpack
    Paperbark is a natural material can be used as a food wrap to impart a delicate smokey flavour to chicken, pork, veal, poultry, kumara, oysters, fish, scallops … the list goes on. Paperbark is biodegradable and unlike similar functional materials it is not plastic coated (potentially carcinogenic) nor made of aluminium (potentially contributing to Alzheimer’s disease). Here’s some more on the evils of foil and why we are better off using paperbark.
    Brand: Australian Functional Ingredients
    Manufacturer: Australian Functional Ingredients Pty Ltd