Chefs/Manufacturers | Australian Functional Ingredients Online Store - Part 5


    • Wild rosella, whole, freeze dried

    • This is our all-purpose spice mix which includes a bit of zing from mountain pepper combined with a herb finish from the blend of lemon aspen, lemon myrtle and aniseed myrtle. It also includes a few conventional herbs and spices to round out the flavour and make it a highly versatile seasoning. For a few ideas of use and more information on the mix visit our page on Wildfire spice. Wildfire Spice is gently spicy but is a complex flavoring and ideal for barbequing, grilling and baking.

    • Wylde thyme is an aromatic seasoning blend of herbs and spices which suit Middle Eastern, North African and Mediterranean dishes beautifully. Even some traditional English fare gets an edge with our Wylde thyme; maybe added to the Yorkshire pudding served with aa good roast beef.
    • Yakajirri is our bush tomato seasoning which features akudjura (ground bush tomatoes) as a rich, spicy tomato-ness but still something very new, exciting and different. It has all but replaced akudjura (ground bush tomato) in use due to the attention we paid in developing an easy to use form of bush tomato.