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    • We Aussies love chilli so this herb and spice mix has a bit to add those special tingles for your tongue. It’s not too hot but formulated to give that Wow! factor and the flavor blends well with the lemon myrtle, lemon aspen and pepperberry as the native Australian mix.

    • OK. So it’s not really dust but our Red Desert Dust is a seasoning with a gutsy, aromatic mix of conventional and native Australian ingredients and ideal as a finishing flavor over meats, potatoes, eggs or cheeses such as baked ricotta. Try a simple grilled cheese on toast sprinkled with Red Desert Dust and taste the added dimensions of flavors from the native Australian ingredients.

    • Riberry confit (packed in 2kg pouches) is an Australian rainforest fruit confit. It has an amazingly aromatic, cinnamon and clove flavour and is great as a garnish for almost any stir-fry dish, salad, dessert or served with chocolate mousse or coconut yoghurt. Try riberry confit with a good Australian soft cheese, some baked ricotta or a classic Australian cheese plate. There’s nothing as impactful as a chocolate dessert with riberry confit either in the middle or as a garnish. Even though the riberries are preserved with a sugaring process (low fructose) and are obviously sweetened, they are also good in salads and stir-fries or over meat. Try riberry confit in a mushroom risotto. Remember, you can always reduce the sweetness by adding a little top quality, red wine vinegar.
      Brand: Australian Functional Ingredients
      Manufacturer: Australian Functional Ingredients Pty Ltd
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    • Riberry whole, freeze dried

    • Obviously a perfect match for lamb and this can be a roasted leg, a rack or even lamb sausages – any way you like your lamb.

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    • The lemon aspen gives this sweet chilli sauce its unique and delicious citrus and subtle menthol twist. It has quite a tingle as the chilli is not shy either. Use this just as you would a less interesting, ordinary sweet chilli sauce but try it in new ways. How about a drizzle over a mescalin salad or with poached eggs? It really is the ideal all-purpose sauce and suits any meat, poultry, seafood, vegetables and more. Whenever you need that something to serve, our Sweet Lemon aspen chilli sauce will fill the need extremely well.

    • Another of our popular flavours (it surprised us but how often can you buy fresh Thai basil?) Good with chicken or beef and this Skew pairs well with our Hot Chilli Skew as well. Try Skewing a whole steak or whole fish and roasting.

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    • Trehalose is a good sugar and a functional food which passes through the stomach until it reaches the gut where trehalase, the enzyme needed to break the glucose molecules apart is found.

    • Wattleseed is also available in 200g jars as well as a 200ml extract see Wattleseed 200g or Wattleseed Extract. Wattleseed is a highly versatile and nutritious roasted grain (Acacia seeds) with an amazing coffee, chocolate, hazelnut flavour.

    • Wattleseeds from around 100 species of Acacia have been used as foods by Australian Aborigines for at least 6,000 years. This matches the first cultivation of wheat on the fertile deltas at the mouths of the Nile in Egypt; the Euphrates in Mesopotamia (now Iraq); and the Indus in India.
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    • Wattleseed Extract is a highly versatile and nutritious flavouring for sauces, bavarois, creme brulee, ice cream, pavlova, crumbs or as a coffee substitute. To make a Wattleccino is simple with Wattleseed extract – just dilute a tablespoonful of extract with a quarter cup of hot water and top up with frothed milk). Also try Wattleseed extract as a flavouring for beer, cream or red wine sauces, in marinades and dessert sauces. Approximate usage rate is from 2-3%, depending on the flavour of other ingredients and whether the Watttleseed flavour is enhancing or competing with these other tastes.

    • Wild rosella flowers are actually modified leaves or calyces for the botanists. However, as a chef, what you need know is that the acid flowers in this fruit confit are sugar-cured using sequential additions of different sugars until we are happy with the super-rich crimson syrup; the firm texture of the flowers; and the perfect balance of acid crispness and sweetness. Use the rosella confit syrup by the dash into dessert sauces or to brighten up a plum, raspberry, strawberry or cherry sauce. Scoop a spoonful of the rosella confit flowers and some syrup onto yoghurt or ice cream or just garnish a dessert plate. Coarsely chop the wild rosella fruit confit as a garnish for meats, poultry (better than cranberry sauce with turkey) or a simple salad. Great with cheese or as something different, try dropping some of the fruit along with a dash of the syrup into a sparkling white wine or champagne.
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