Fruit confits

Our confits (sugar-cured fruits and fruit slices) are really special. For chefs who appreciate exceptional flavour and quality, our range is so versatile that they span every type of dish and menu. Grab a copy of our Australian Menu Planning Guide which includes ideas using the confits in a myriad of menu ideas.

We use glucose and trehalose (resurrection sugar) and varying marinating times as we slowly increase the sugar concentration to enhance the natural soft sweetness in the fruits while leaving some of their tartness.

We could just pickle the fruits in cane sugar (sucrose) syrup except that is just wouldn’t be good enough for our standards of health, quality and superior taste. You see our confits are ‘No Added Fructose’ and as fructose (one of the bad sugars) makes up half the sucrose molecule and we are drowning in sucrose these days, we came up with the best alternative there is – trehalose. This is a healthy micro-sugar that comes with a myriad of health benefits from anti-ageing to antioxidant.

So please try our confit of fruits in sweet or savoury dishes or enjoy them with cheeses or yoghurt. Several go well in champagne while other fruit confit are great in spirit based cocktails. You be the judge.

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  • Illawarra plum confit is a spectacular new product of ours. The rich plum notes are well expressed with the characteristic resinous pine flavour of these ancient fruits is fully evident.
  • Quandong is a word from the Wiradjuri Aboriginal clan for the native peach but Aborigines never had access to sugar to make a quandong confit. However, there are a few Aboriginal chefs and a whole lot of other chefs who prefer our product now.
  • We wild harvest plum sized, rainforest limes from private forests in sub-tropical Queensland and snap freeze them at their peak ripeness. The Rainforest limes get sliced and begin a three sugar curing process over 4-6 weeks until the natural organic acids in the juice are perfectly matched and balanced with sweetness. You have to taste the result – it’s the best lime product you’ll ever try!
  • This Australian rainforest fruit confit has an amazingly aromatic, cinnamon and clove flavour and is great as a garnish for almost any dessert or served with ice cream or yoghurt on its own or with other fruits (bananas, mango, stone fruits). Try riberry fruit confit with a good Australian soft cheese, some baked ricotta or a classic Australian cheese plate. There’s nothing as impactful as a chocolate mousse with riberry confit either in the middle or as a garnish.
  • Wild rosella flowers are actually modified leaves or calyces for the botanists. However, as a chef, what you need know is that the acid flowers in this fruit confit are sugar-cured using sequential additions of different sugars until we are happy with the super-rich crimson syrup; the firm texture of the flowers; and the perfect balance of acid crispness and sweetness.