LIFE Weight Loss System

The LIFE Weight Loss System is unique among weight management programs.

Ever wondered why there are so many weight loss or diet programs available? Google the famous ones and the truth will scare you.

Did you also know that out of a large cross section of contestants in The Biggest Loser less than 15% kept off the weight they lost after a year or two? The REALLY bad news is that of those who regained their lost weight, most added even more weight back than when they started the competition.

The reason for this is that the weight they lost, depressed their metabolic rate and this stays low for years afterwards. This creates an enduring problem and a high proportion of food nutrients keep getting stored as fat, fat and more fat.

The LIFE Weight Loss System, also known as B’yond Paleo, addresses the above and many other challenges to losing weight and the major problem of putting it all back on when you stop poor plans. The B’yond Paleo LIFE Weight Loss System actually boosts your metabolic rate and includes a process to keep it high.

Another part of gaining weight in the first place is the quality of modern foods. Add back some key nutrients and we stop gaining weight if we listen to what our body needs and the demands from the bugs in our gut.

We also teach how to break some bad habits that the advertisers of junk food and promoters of ‘fresh’ food use to constantly hypnotize us. They make money from us getting fat and then they create markets for others to earn big dollars showing us what to do to try to lose that fat until we go back to our old ways of eating.

Sure. You will need to be vigilant but the LIFE Weight Loss System makes it achievable without will power, without counting calories or wasting hours exercising.

The LIFE Weight Loss System breaks the yo-yo dieting cycles, augments our nutrition and reprograms our metabolism so that we lose weight and keep it off while simultaneously boosting our health and slowing down our rate of ageing.

LIFE Weightloss ebook

LIFE Weight Loss System (Plan Only)

The LIFE Weight Loss System is an extremely effective program that guarantees easy and permanent weight loss for anyone who follows the system. It is based in part, on the globally popular and proven Dukan Diet developed by French MD, Dr Pierre Dukan. However, the enhancements we have introduced make the diet easier to follow; address the fatigue issues with the Dukan Diet; and also lessen the ketone-breath that is associated with a high protein diet. Read more about the program below.

LIFE Weightloss System

LIFE Weight Loss System (Plan and 3 sachets of LIFE)

This is the full pack with the manual AND enough LIFE to use before each meal. There is typically sufficient to get you through the 1st and 2nd stages of the plan after which you might find that just 2 meals a day are more than adequate for you.

The key to good weight management is to ensure that you maintain a daily dose (or two) either as you cruise towards your ideal weight or after reaching your goal.