Sex Dust and other Highly Promoted Diets

Jack Dorsey Twitter CEO

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and Square

Unscientific dietary advice is just more wrong information. Veganism (for health rather than animal kindness), paleo, keto, ‘activated’ nuts (hmmm, I don’t want to offend anyone), juice ‘cleansing’ (sugar overdosing), fasting are all as valid as sex dust.

Inspired by an article by Monica Hesse in The Washington Post and titled; The key to glorifying a questionable diet? Be a tech bro and call it ‘biohacking.’ (here's a link to read the original article, if you don't subscribe to TWP)

These are the facts on weight loss, health, longevity and enhanced performance.

1. We have narrowed our dietary range since farming was adopted and populations rose enough to wipe out the possibility of foraging outside the farms. Indigenous Australians, Africans and Americans all ate far wider ranges of foods than we do now and work with the world’s longest living culture in Australia shows that the clans across the whole continent had from 3 to 10 times the variety of foods than we do today.

2. Wild foods were also the basis of the Mediterranean diet with hundreds of foraged plant foods responsible for the health of the people living around the shores of the Med, not just olive oil, basil, oily fish, Amazonian tomatoes and Asian pasta.

Wild foods are rich sources of essential micronutrients which include antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, anti-allergens, anti-rogue cell (anti-proliferatives, pro-apopotics, anti-carcinogens, anti-mutagens), immune boosters, adaptogens, organic acids, organ protectants (brain, heart, liver, kidney, pancreas, blood vessels), live enzymes and enzyme regulators, good sugars and bioavailable minerals.

3. Fasting was rare to non-existent before farming and crop failures occurred. Even during prolonged droughts in Central Australia, desert clans still accessed up to a dozen different species as key or survival foods.

4. The quality of wild foods is between 6 and an infinite number of times better than modern farmed food. Infinite, because wild fruits are rich in fat-soluble antioxidants, anti-allergenic components, fiber, good sugars and bioavailable minerals and farmed produce is devoid of these.

5. Intermittent fasting is a way of making our micronutrient deficiency even worse than eating ‘normally’. We suffer from Hidden Hunger or a chronic deficiency of essential micronutrients as listed above. In 3 studies (in 1908, 1971 and 2016) the conclusions reported were that Indigenous hunter-gatherers had extremely rare (no evidence of) incidences of cancers, ischemic heart disease, diabetes, mental diseases, hypertension, gout or numerous other diseases of nutrition. Fasting does not provide the micronutrients which can address these modern conditions, some of which are in epidemic proportions today.

6. Weight loss is most easily achieved with a low carb diet with a raised intake of wild and near wild plant-based foods either locally foraged or as a freeze-dried preparation such as LIFE (Lyophilized Indigenous Food Essentials)™.

A simple weight loss plan of initially taking 5g of LIFE once a day for a month before changing anything else about your diet or exercising helps begin the metamorphosis of your gut microflora into more beneficial populations (species and numbers).

Water intake should be increased as this helps in breathing off fat (we don’t burn it and calories have no metabolic relevance at all — see this article as to why).

Sugar cravings will be curtailed during this month and energy levels rise.

The need for 3 meals a day generally falls to just 2 a day and the body is prepared for major weight loss with no need for will power to either cut your food intake as intermittent or longer term (2 3 day) episodes of micronutrient restriction.

The escalation phase can then start with a low carb, high protein diet preceded by 5g of LIFE. Water intake is maintained and an appropriate exercise regime is adopted. Read more on this highly successful diet.

The goal with this plan is no maintain your energy, avoid ketone breathe, avoid constipation and lose weight (relatively) quickly and permanently while improving your health and well-being without needing to find that elusive motivational source — will power.

Forget intermittent fasting. Forget counting some unit of thermal heat output (calories or kilojoules). Forget yo yo dieting. Just lose weight using a food focused, healthy program that works.



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