Australian Functional Ingredients – by Vic Cherikoff


Paperbark is a natural product which is used for its visual appeal as a platter liner and for service or when used as a cooking wrap, imparts a delicate smokey flavour from oils in the paperbark. This technique is the easiest way to smoke and cook meats in bark on a hot plate, char-grill or in a pan. Paperbark is also low in tannins and while indigestible is harmless if consumed accidentally.

I often wrap fish, chicken, pork or any white meat in paperbark along with any vegetables, greens or herbs I want in the dish. Fold over one long end and roll up the food in the Paperbark. Fold over the ends and use string or skewers to secure the end flaps. The whole parcel can also be tied up as you would a roast (lots of videos on this on YouTube).

If you are cooking in-doors on a stovetop grill place an oven tray over the parcel to contain the heat and the smoke. Turn the parcel once it blackens and heat all 4 sides until done. Use a metal skewer or a temperature probe to test the heat in the centre of the parcel.

To serve, cut away the string. Unfold the end flaps and cut these away near the food inside. Cut the paperbark along the top of the parcel and fold each of these longer pieces of bark in and under the parcel revealing the contents. Transfer the paperbark and exposed food to a plate and serve with the bark as a second ‘plate’.


Alternatively, use the paperbark as a platter for large fish, Portuguese-style chicken etc.

Let your guests know that the bark isn’t to be eaten although any tiny bits that might stick to the food is not a problem. We all need that little bit more fiibre in our diets.


Typical uses – This product is perfect to wrap fish or chicken in with a light sprinkle of lemon myrtle then put in an oven to bake or put on a dry hot plate. It is also popular as a platter base.

Helpful hints – If the product is dry, dampen with water to make pliable.

Storage and Packaging sizes – Stored dry, minimum 4 sheets per roll – more sheets can be used by peeling back the layers of paperbark. (each sheet is approx. 45cm X 30cm in size.) Each roll weights between 400 – 500g. Available dry or frozen for export orders. 20 roll per carton.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot ship Paperbark to the USA

If you live in the USA and still want to enjoy the flavour of Paperbark you have 2 options. Get some of our Australian Smoke Bar-B Skews or use Paperbark Smoke oil as a drizzle over conventionally baked foods.



Vic Cherikoff

josh pelham - May 12, 2015

Could you please send me a price list for your paperbark? also how it come quantity wise..?

    Vic Cherikoff - June 25, 2015

    Hi Josh,
    Unfortunately we are out of stock of paperbark and I am unsure as to when we will have it back in stock. Have you tried our Paperbark smoke oil? It gives the same result without the challenge of wrapping and roasting the food.

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