Paperbark smoke oil

Flavour – delicate smoke flavour of paperbark cooking

Colour and Appearance – Transparent yellow oil

Typical uses – as for infusion oils

Helpful hints – Best used as a flavouring oil as for sesame seed or truffle oil.

Storage and Packaging Sizes – Dry, 200ml stand up spouted pouches

Paperbark smoke oil is a delicious flavour oil used in the same ways as truffle oil or sesame seed oil only even more versatile. It is ideal for any meat, fish, shellfish, vegetable (try it over roasted sweet corn on the cob), eggs, rice, mash, condiment, dressing in fact, any dish that a subtle hint of smoke can enhance.

Simply drizzle or splash some onto cooked meats (great over prosciutto, hams or pastrami), vegetables, pasta etc.

Use it sparingly as a salad oil or dilute 1 in 10 with macadamia nut oil or cottonseed oil.

Marinate fetta, bocconccini or labni cheeses; char-grilled vegetables or olives.

Try a seeded mustard made interestingly smoked with just a dash of paperbark smoke oil. Whisk some in to your favorite BBQ, Worcesteshire, soy sauce or ketchup.

It even works in a basic custard or how about some paperbark smoked ice cream?

The smoke is infused into a canola oil (GMO free) which makes it cholesterol free and because it is used sparingly, the added oil hardly matters if you are concerned about dietary fat.

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Vic Cherikoff

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