Australian Functional Ingredients – by Vic Cherikoff

On-line wild food store now rebuilt for mobile

It is a little incongruous having wild foods which are usually foraged from remote areas, made available at not just the click of a mouse but from your mobile (cell) phone.

Announcing: The Cherikoff on-line store now mobile ready

On-line wild food store now rebuilt for mobile

If you can surf the Net on your smart phone then you can get access to our wide range of high quality products for your innovative menus and dishes.

Our system works a little like YouTube in that it first looks at your mobile (cell) and works out the browser it uses. Only then are you pointed to the right system so that our shop displays correctly and works on every page.

Have a look at our shop on your smart phone and please let me know if you find any glitches. I’ll give a 10% discount on their next purchase to anyone finding a gremlin.



Vic Cherikoff