Australian Functional Ingredients – by Vic Cherikoff

Now here's a creative cook on the Bushfood Forum

Shalem posted a bunch of terrific recipes and some appealing photos of the dishes at the Australian Bushfood Forum website.

Now here’s a creative cook on the Bushfood Forum

I make these types of dishes all the time but seldom think of photographing them so thanks heaps Shalem.

Doesn’t this go to show just how easy it is to use a range of wild foods for maximum flavour impact and effect? Yet many top chefs struggle with the flavours so instead of quandong confit served with k’roo, we see beetroot relish (spare me!).

And then it appears on menu after menu as though it’s a good idea. What the &(*%$?

Keep up the great work Shalem.

Incidentally, if you would like to discover how to most easily integrate Australian ingredients into your culinary repertoire, check out our Australian Menu Planning Guide. This ebook is over 40 pages long with colour pics and lots and lots of menu ideas, ingredient combinations and ways to use our authentic Aussie foods.



Vic Cherikoff