Marinated mushrooms with Paperbark Smoke Oil

Marinated mushrooms are best prepared the day before as the flavour intensifies the longer they are marinated. Once prepared, the mushrooms can be served in a simple salad or sliced on crusty sourdough bread with eggs for breakfast. Include them in antipasti, on pizzas, with steaks or anywhere a flavoursome, nutritious mushroom or two will add interest and impact. The recipe is easy to prepare and literally takes just a few minutes. The butter used in the recipe gives the mushrooms a slight nutty flavour which pairs well with the Paperbark Smoke Oil. You can substitute the button mushrooms for gourmet mushrooms like enoki, shitake, portabellas and field mushrooms for something different.

500g button mushrooms
50g shallots (green onions)
1 clove garlic
20ml white wine vinegar
50ml Paperbark Smoke Oil
10g butter
5g Alpine Pepper
5g Forest anise
10ml Wattleseed extract™

In a bowl, add the white wine vinegar, Alpine Pepper, Forest anise, Wattleseed extract™ with the Paperbark Smoke Oil. Whisk to combine.

Slice the shallots finely and crush the garlic, then heat a frying pan and then add butter, shallots, garlic and mushrooms. Lightly sauté till mushrooms are slightly coloured. Season with a little salt. Remove from the pan and immerse the hot mushrooms in the dressing. As the mushrooms cool they will absorb the dressing. When cool, refrigerate and consume within 4-5 days.



Vic Cherikoff