Making Xmas Easy on Yourself

Xmas is approaching rapidly and the team at the Dining Downunder on-line store wish you all the very best for the Season.

With a wide range of food products, stocking stuffers and unlimited ideas incorporating the unique flavours of Australia, we make it easy for you to select and send your Christmas gifts to others or yourself. In fact, as your first Xmas present for 2011, here is a 10% discount on purchases in our store: Just quote the coupon XMAS2011 on checking out.

Perhaps you are baking a traditional turkey – how about a little Bluegum smoke oil brushed over the cooked, sliced meat just before serving? Or try our Australian Smoke Bar-B Skews with 1 Skew per 350g of meat. Watch our video to learn a little more on using Skews.

How about some Wild rosella confit with your Xmas ham? And Boxing Day breakfasts of eggs and ham never tasted better than with some rainforest lime hollandaise (easy to make with our Rainforest lime sauce base). This would also be delicious adding a generous seasoning of Alpine pepper and Lemon myrtle sprinkle.

The ideas are endless. At our place, the Xmas pudding with its garnish of mixed Wild fruit confits (riberry, rosella, quandong and rainforest lime) always gets a pour on brandy butter sauce enhanced with Lemon aspen syrup (or I might try some Davidson plum syrup) and a dusting of Lemon myrtle sprinkle.

We look forward to your next visit to our on-line store and again, wish you all the best from;

Vic Cherikoff

and the Dining Downunder Australian Food Store.

PS One more thing.

Xmas is a time of over-indulgence and rich food. If you end up with weight loss as your New Year’s Resolution then this permanent solution is worth checking out. Head on over to and register to watch a few videos on our system. It worked for me and I’m on track to losing the 20kg I had as my major target.

It is based on the popular Dukan Diet but with some really important modifications which make it a lifestyle adjustment rather than one of those challenging deprivation diets which never work. Did you know that Weight Watchers success rate is awful? Less than 15% of people who use their system are still thin after 2 years. Our system is so easy that you’ll stick to it forever with the added bonus of reducing the risk of the many nutritional diseases so common today.



Vic Cherikoff