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Dining Downunder
This TV cooking show has been on air in 48 countries and is about the hit North America in 2007. Full of great recipes and tips on using Australian ingredients, the site also has a terrific on-line store for easy access to the authentic ingredients basic to an Australian cuisine.

Whether for use on a book cover, menu design, food packaging, or even fleet vehicle livery, expect the very best in food photography.

Great Food Photography
No matter if you are building a website, looking to add images to a menu or writing about food in a blog, food photography is definitely proof that a picture is worth a thousand words. Check out this site for a huge collection of high quality, royalty free images.

Marketing Links

Make Your Site Sell
The second must-have resource is Ken Evoy’s incredible package, Make Your Site Sell. Ken offers a host of ideas written in a very easy style and an affiliate program which will no doubt become the Internet model to beat all others

Affiliate Program Australia
Our Affiliate Program Australia allows participating websites to earn a 10% commission on all qualifying revenue generated by links from their website, food blog or email newsletter. The affiliate program also rewards high volume affiliates with increased commissions once they have achieved over $500 worth of commissions.

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Best Restaurants of Australia
The only key to where to eat in Sydney and Melbourne. This site is incredibly popular with international visitors and a great place to advertise considering the site gets around a million hits a month.