LIFE - Lyophilized Indigenous Food Essentials™

LIFE: Intelligent Nutrition, Anti-ageing and the Fountain of Youth

Look Out World – We are about to re-invent nutritional support but we need your financial support to do so.

LIFE (Lyophilized Indigenous Food Essentials™) is a new product that will start as a powdered version of Kakadu Complex® but with enhancements that will put this already impressive nutritional on steroids (functionally speaking that is).

However, I need your support to get this product up and running (and the business distribution model which can put dollars into your pocket).

Lyophilized ingredients are extremely expensive, particularly the rare fruits we use. There is also a serious commitment in bottles, mixing equipment and the other items needed to get his product off the drawing board. Even the distribution system development and affiliate program needs time to build the network so we get cashflow that can help make the product an outrageous success.

For these reasons and to build a based of raving fans, I am crowd funding my LIFE project.

I have more information on this page and as you will see, we have jumped out of the gates with a flying start.

I expect that it will take a few months to have product available so June/July are my target dates for Australia and August/September should see the product being made in the USA for North American distribution.

But it all depends on YOU.

Please check out my Fundraising page. Even $50 will help a lot but if you have a more serious interest please contact me to discuss the opportunity.

Vic Cherikoff

  • melissa says:

    u should have a facebook fundraiser ill share

  • Arthur Williams says:

    What will the cost be like for this new product? I can envisage a good use for it if the price is OK. I read a bit more in-depth regarding your article and I can see where the sugar type might be very handy.

    • Arthur, at this stage, it looks as though it will be between $50 and $60 for a month’s supply with $25 of this paid in commissions on referred sales. I am still working on clarifying the precise compensation plan but it needs to be lucrative so that the distribution grows quickly and profitably for those involved.

  • Arthur Williams says:

    Hi Vic,
    The following video would support your outlook on the ecology:
    I will be very interested in trying your new products so please keep me informed. Cheers.

    • cherik says:

      Thanks for the link Arthur. Great video.

      I will let you know when LIFE becomes available. May I invite you to donate, even a small amount? Every bit helps.

    • Arthur Williams says:

      Hi Vic,
      The message from that video was that we sometimes feel we doing the right thing by making changes but in the end it affects the total ecology. Grasslands require animals to flourish as well As you state the Aboriginal community has an almost genetic understanding of the land and they would do the best job in resurrecting the situation.

      • Hi Arthur,

        It seems that there are a lot of challenges to Allan Savory’s assertions. You have to wonder about its relevance in Australia where herds of herbivores never existed and it was more a matter of grasslands being managed by Aborigines burning with low intensity fires in complex mosaic patterns which managed to maintain the biodiversity. I subscribe to the suggestion to employ local Aboriginal clans to manage their traditional lands where possible or bring them into country where no traditional owners exist now. Have them manage the country and bring it back to how it was in 1770 when biodiversity was at a peak.

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