Jensen Farm cantaloupes (rock melons)

Here’s a story that just keeps getting more coverage. I would have thought that a fresh product would have a very limited time frame to impact on the health of consumers but this story on the food poisoning of dozens of people in the US with a rising death count, is still making headlines:

Close-up of a sliced cantaloupe

Jensen Farms in the US found listeria on their melons and issued a product recall to minimize the health implications. Unfortunately, as a major supplier to a wide range of markets (domestic and commercial), Jensen Farms cantaloupes have lead to at least 4 deaths and many hospitalizations.

We’ll be seeing more of these events until food processors look for alternatives to chemical dips. Herbal-Active® makes an extremely effective fruit and vegetable wash and while we have a few food processors using it now or in various stages of testing, it needs to be a lot more out there.

Vic Cherikoff