Australian Functional Ingredients – by Vic Cherikoff

Herbal-Active® and Fresher4Longer™ - ingredient sanitizers

Using Herbal-Active® or Fresher4Longer™ as a dipping solution is a way to not only improve the food safety of the food dipped but it extends the shelf life dramatically.

A recent trial with strawberries got them going 25 days past the control which was a moldy mass by day 9. Cherry growers can avoid the toxic fungicides they now use replacing two mixtures (one used in Australia is banned in Europe) with my natural herb and spice extract. Cucumbers and zucchini are particularly susceptible to fungal attack and Fresher4Longer/Herbal-Active® has been shown to extend the shelf life of dipped zucchini to over 4 months.

Other ingredients and produce which are being or can be dipped include:

  • herbs, sprouts and greens
  • vegetables for cooking or juicing
  • fruits for fruit salad, garnishing (cocktails), juicing, dehusked coconuts
  • cheeses eg grated cheese, soft cheeses – to delay ripening, control maturation
  • Chinese herbal medicines – avoid using ethanol as a preservative
  • spices – great for whole black peppercorns before final drying and milling
  • dry herbals prior to infusion
  • meats including jerky, prosciutto and other processed meats
  • seafood – live shellfish, fresh fish
  • poultry – particularly our Salmonella laden chicken meat
  • game eg rabbits, roo, emu, etc Herbal-Active® will reduce the smell of game meats substantially.
  • cut flowers, cuttings of plants, seeds, tubers eg ginger ‘seeds’, pots etc

Note: some fatty fish and chicken with high fat levels absorb even the subtle flavour of Herbal-Active® at 1% but using a half strength solution is still effective and avoids the uptake of the essential oils into the fats.

Any volume of Herbal-Active® will treat up to 30 times its weight in produce. So if you had 100 litres (100kg) of a 1% solution of Herbal-Active® it could treat up to 3,000kg of produce.

Please contact me or ask a question below if you need more details on your particular application.



Vic Cherikoff