Australian Functional Ingredients – by Vic Cherikoff

Gourmet food distributors and retailers, lend me your fears ...

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It’s a terrific source for ingredients for yourself or gifts for your significant others and you’ll not only be enjoying the Essence of Australia in the many and varied, interesting and delicious flavours but you will also be contributing to the fair trade incomes and sustainable enterprises of many Aboriginal communities from which we source supplies. Additionally, the non-Aboriginal farmers with whom we work are active environmentalists, building their production systems using organic principles and often protecting ecosystems by valuing their integrity and preserving these important species. In some areas we are also rehabilitating rainforests by re-establishing cleared land with local forests and healthy eco-systems of useful plants.

This is how agriculture should have been developed for the production of plants which we need for all our food, clothing and shelter needs. So head over to our store and help preserve our future.



Vic Cherikoff