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Australian Wild foods for chefs

Battles have been waged and empires won and lost over the spices, herbs and other condiments in our kitchen cupboards

Chefs. Explore the nature and use of spices such as Wattleseed™, Alpine pepper, Yakajirri and pepperberries. Herbs and enhanced herb mixes, including Lemon Myrtle Sprinkle, Fruit spice,  Mintbush Marinade, Wylde thyme, Forest peppermint, Forest anise and others.

Then there are our fruit flavours

For example, Davidson plums, Kakadu plums and Illawarra plums (none of which are true plums at all) or the aromatic rainforest, finger and desert limes, lemon aspen and riberries. Have you discovered the subtle smoke flavour imparted by our new paperbark smoke oil?; or the simplicity of using our prime quality sauces, syrups, preserves, condiments or infused oils?

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Chefs and Restaurateurs – What can we do for you?

Would you like to pack out your restaurant?

A past review of global food trends included many comments from Executive Chefs and Food & Beverage Directors from major International Hotels who all agreed that new flavours, particularly with a distinctive cuisine focus was the up-coming focus. Things have not changed in 2013/14.

With Australian Functional Ingredients, you will find that this website is an essential resource as you grow your business using our incredible ingredients as the focus. What we offer is the path to a continuous income stream because using our ingredients and a few tools which we present below, will keep regulars coming back and bring others with them. Our flavors add enough of a twist to the dishes with which your clients are already familiar so that they will talk and talk about your offerings. And what sells better than word of mouth?

Articles on my ingredients, their production and on my customers and colleagues appear in magazines and newspapers on a weekly basis as well as a regular amount of television coverage. Would this kind of publicity help your business? Ask us how if you’re struggling. It’s probably only a matter of doing a few things over and over since there are only 3 ways to grow any business and with a tool such as authentic Australian ingredients at hand, it can be just a matter of application and time.


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