For anyone wanting a business of their own for their future wealth

There are two types of people in the world;

1. Those who are happy working for other people for the security (such as it is) of a regular wage and for the supervised management of their days and

2. The entrepreneur/business owner who wants the independence and power to direct their own future; to work when, where, with whom and even IF they want.

Would it be OK if I present my business offering which might just suit you as well. I run it in conjunction with two other businesses and they merge seamlessly saving lots of time.

This might be an opportunity for you

This article may be of interest to anyone who is open minded and likes to keep their options open. It is about an opportunity to earn extra income from a part-time business that can also help to build the wild food (and medicine) industry literally, from the ground up.

Most people know that real wealth is most easily attained through your own business structure so what if there was a way to keep doing what you do now as you build your own business part-time and decide when (or if) to transition to full-time once your income is sufficient and stable?

You can take on this business with just 8 to 10 hours a week and work closely with me as I teach you the skills you need to be successful. It is a team effort and we will be talking often for a few weeks then less as you build your confidence and competence. The objective of this business is to build teams that build teams that no longer need you. It is skills based and more about teaching than selling as you find others wanting to improve their future.

It’s getting tough to get ahead

From what we read everyday in the press, everybody knows that times are tough out there for many of us. We read about the dwindling value of homes in some suburbs and cities and when you see the real estate gurus selling courses on trading property, vendor finance and flipping renovations, you know times are hard and selling how-to is easier than doing it.

Our retirement nest-egg is under siege from Governments who need our money to pay for their economic mis-management and the age of retirement when I was a kid was 55, then 65 and now it’s 70. Is 80 the next stop?

We have job insecurity, a slow economy and in fact, retirement for many people s becoming just a dream (or a nightmare with the money – or lack of it – to fund their remaining years as the major challenge). To retire to a basic lifestyle you and your spouse need your house fully paid off and $1.5 million in cash as a net egg paying you interest for life.

Look at the retrenchments reported almost weekly in the mining, automotive, construction or other once-huge industry. Look at the losses from companies which were once considered Golden Institutions. Google ‘recent company losses in Australia’ and see why unemployment is predicted to reach 6% this year with recent lay-offs by Bluescope Steel, Boral, Vodaphone amongst many others and serious losses reported by once booming companies such as Billabong.

This website makes for interesting reading despite the political leanings of the site.

Well, you know how we all want a better lifestyle but everybody knows that it’s getting harder when even the jobs we now hold are uncertain. Some entire industry sectors are going through a total shake-down.

Think of the financial planning industry with brokers, who represent package deals from investment companies and banks, now struggling or out of business.

Travel agents now compete with on-line travel discounters and even with the airlines themselves as they flog their empty seats to fill their unprofitable flights. Convention centres compete against virtual conferences which also leads to reduced business for airlines, accommodation providers, restaurants and associated businesses. Retailers are vocally suffering from on-line stores which take your order and then arrange the fulfilment direct to you from a factory in China.

Look at all the restaurants closing recently with big name chefs including Tony Bilson, Matthew Kemp, Justin North, Dietmar Sawyere and many more closing their doors just in the last little while.

And were we ever meant to work such long hours? 9 to 5 is a wish for many of us who work 7 to 7 or longer. Where is the time for life? Time with your partner, your family or even quiet time for yourself gets shunted aside because of work demands.

The average Executive or Head Chef works 12 hour days, five or six days a week. The average self-employed entrepreneur does more than this and can often be at their business 6 or 7 days, working to make ends meet 24/7, 365 days a year, particularly for home office workers who are always on call.

Even those people who work at salaried positions often take their work home and do more than they are paid to do just to keep the workload manageable. Employers are under the pump and have to keep their expectations high and the pressure on staff to deliver.

There’s a new work trend forming too. With this, you will compete with other workers for tasks and get paid for results. If you fail to get a tender, your employer will not pay you a wage. You only get paid for what results as productive value to your employer. This is going to be even tougher as many more tasks will be outsourced to the Philippines or India or elsewhere with lower costs of living and hence cost of labour. The job for a skill set or for life is a thing of the past and it’s not likely to back. We will get paid more for how quickly we can learn, improvise, innovate and get the job done is new, better and faster ways. Productivity will be King.

Life might be looking more like a constant, competitive struggle than a career.

But it doesn’t need to be this way

The thing is that having your own business CAN be a path to riches. Business owners feature strongly in the lists of wealthy people around the world. In fact, around half the world’s 400 richest people own their own companies or have made their wealth through selling companies that they built.

But some businesses can be a challenge

There can be pitfalls in starting your own business and the statistics are pretty daunting with 95% of most small businesses (off or on-line) failing in the first 12 months, 80% of those that survive disappear within the next 5 years and another 50% of what’s left go in the next 10.

However, some go on for decades evolving with the times and adapting to demand and the economic times. Some business owners might choose to maintain a set size which equates to a particular lifestyle for themselves or others may plan to grow their ventures into ever larger organizations. Some businesses can be structured just as cash-cows and have time freedom as a primary outcome.

The E-myth by Michael E. Gerber is a good read for anyone going it alone in business and explains the progression from passionate hobbyist to technician to entrepreneur to business manager/strategist. Alternatively, some might choose a franchised business with systems already developed and some history of returns on investment. The challenge to the new entrepreneur are many and varied and some business people take on mentors and coaches to help them stay on track and meet realistic goals they set for themselves.

But think about any small business; it could be a trade, realtor or food ingredient company whatever. If you decide to move beyond your own efforts and leverage the work and help of others you might train someone to do what you do. You give them the advantage of years of effort and experience and set them up to expand the distribution of whatever it is that you market. You earn a commission from their efforts and maintain an association even passing on business as appropriate.

But there’s a catch

What you have done is effectively created, groomed and trained your most competent competition.

I (foolishly) did exactly this in my wild food business and I created competitors in other States. This can be healthy for the industry because I maintain my competitive edge by having a higher standard of quality and am always innovating with new products and new ways of using existing ones. Mine are also the very best ingredients because of my length of experience and technical background in food science and nutrition.

So what’s my suggestion to get ahead in life?

Some people have found that there is a much better way for anyone to get into business with minimal risk, low overheads, part time commitment (at least initially and it’s your choice), smart systems and lots of support along the way. You can even get mentored and guided by multimillionaires who have made their fortunes in the industry.

Imagine trying a product that really helps you feel better, gives you more energy each day and helps you focus and stay mentally alert. It is rich in antioxidants from natural foods and research is showing that we are deficient in so many of these antioxidants and are suffering a host of nutritional diseases as a result.

You will feel the benefits within a few days to a few weeks and it just keeps getting better over the time you keep taking the product. Some people are not so attune to the improvements but if they stop taking the product for just a few days, it makes the changes obvious. You just feel sluggish, you notice your lowered energy levels and hunger for carbs returns as can the weight gain.

My product is the Rolls Royce of nutritionals and is well supported by decades of research and even organizations such as the CSIRO are producing supportive reports on their research into the health benefits of wild foods.

But back to the business.

Would it be OK if I give you the sales pitch now? I don’t like doing these any more than you like getting them but it will only take another minute of your time. Are you OK with that?

My part-time business needs you to do 3 things.

1. Don’t change. We all recommend things we like, want or enjoy and have done so since the age of 5. We recommend restaurants, movies, books we read, experiences we have. We just don’t get paid to do it. So the first thing you need to do in this business is not to change but to keep recommending things to your friends, family and acquaintances.

2. As you know, my business is in the nutritional industry and our unique, wild food product is designed to deliver a host of antioxidants and other goodies that we just don’t get in our modern diet. In fact, our product is essential to good health because of the falling nutritional value of fruits and vegetables and the unhealthy nature of processed foods.

3. And all you have to do is to work with me to get a few skills and find 6 or 7 people who share your goals of more time for themselves, their friends and family; more money to pay those bills, get a better car or house or finally have that vacation; and in getting healthy because everybody says you really value your health when it’s gone..

If this interests you, leave a comment below or email me your number and we’ll talk on the phone or Skype.



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camilla gold - January 27, 2015

have no idea what this is about or if it is even current, but as i am interested in health and nutrition and work in this area, would like to know more.

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