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Paperbark Smoked oil with Wattleseed and Fresh Bread

Paperbark Smoked oil with Wattleseed and Fresh Bread It seems every restaurant in Australia serves freshly sliced bread with olive oil and aged balsamic. You’d think we were in Italy. It was great the first time but now it’s boring and I tended to just ask for butter, that is, until I tried the combination [...]

Rainforest oysters

Rainforest oysters 12 oysters in the shell 1 teaspoon Lemon aspen juice an avocado a pinch of salt edible flowers eg. native violets Mix the lemon aspen juice, avocado and salt to smoothness. Pipe about teaspoon of the lemon aspen avocado onto each freshly shucked oyster and garnish with a small edible flower or a [...]

Oysters Outback

Oysters Outback 12 oysters in the shell 2 heaped tablespoons Akudjura (ground bush tomatoes) 1 heaped tablespoon grated cheddar cheese rock salt, medium ground Mix the akudjura with the grated cheddar cheese and top each freshly shucked oyster with two teaspoonfuls of the Outback mixture. Sprinkle with a little salt. Heat under a salamander to [...]

Oysters Van Diemen

Oysters Van Diemen 12 oysters in the shell 12 slices Tasmanian brie 1 tablespoon ground Mountain pepper 12 Native pepperberries, fresh frozen Freshly shuck the oysters and top each with a sliver of Tasmanian brie, seasoned with a pinch of ground Alpine pepper and garnish each with a native pepperberry.  Recent Posts Wild Foods [...]

Oyster medley

Oyster medley This collection of named oyster dishes can be further regionalised by oyster source, for example, Nambucca River, Sydney Rock, Jervis Bay etc. Perhaps soon , Oysters Van Diemen, Oysters Outback and Rainforest Oysters will be as familiar as the now passée Oysters Kilpatrick and mornay.  Recent Posts Wild Foods and Gout The [...]

Lemon aspen and ginger sauce with Atlantic salmon

Lemon aspen and ginger sauce with Atlantic salmon This is an easy quick recipe to prepare. Add and mix together some lemon aspen juice (about 3% or to taste) with some honey, crushed ginger and Alpine pepper. Use this as a drizzle over Atlantic salmon for a very easy and delicious entree. Garnish with some [...]

Lemon Myrtle Sprinkle sushi

Lemon Myrtle Sprinkle sushi Other herbs and herb combinations include native peppermint and Alpine pepper, native peppermint and native mint, aniseed myrtle, native thyme. Plain boiled rice can be made a feature component by the simple addition of native herbs. Asian practice is to wash rice in cold water before cooking which is a prerequisite [...]

Gumleaf salmon sushi

Gumleaf salmon sushi Prep. time 10 mins 2 cups cooked vinegar rice (see Lemon Myrtle Sprinkle sushi recipe) 100g smoked salmon, sliced thinly and in strips 2 drops Gumleaf oil 200ml salad oil 6 sheets toasted nori On a bamboo stick sushi mat, lay a piece of nori and spread enough rice to make a [...]

Cheesefruit cream on game wrapped figs

Cheesefruit cream on game wrapped figs The juice from cheesefruit makes a delicious flavouring for sauces, cream cheese dips and spreads and the flavour of over-ripe pineapple and blue-vein cheese compliments a considerable range of dishes. This recipe was inspired by Chef Armando from Sydney’s Buon Ricardo restaurant. A less rich sauce could be made [...]