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Wild Foods, we need more of them

Wild Foods, we need more of them Lots of layers in this topic. There is no doubt that we should be eating more wild foods as they supply an enormous range of components that are being bred out of our conventional produce. Read more about this at the Wild Foods website. But I'd like to [...]

Freeze-Dried (Lyophilized) Wild Fruits

New Products - Freeze-dried Wild Fruits Our new freeze-drier is now fully up and running. We are producing a range of freeze-dried (lyophilized) wild fruits for chocolate coating, snack foods, breakfast cereals etc. The range includes riberries, rainforest limes, Illawarra plums, finger limes, Davidson plums, wild rosellas and of course, our star product; the Kakadu [...]


Riberry Flavour – Cinnamon and clove flavour. Colour and Appearance – Pink/red, pear shape approx. 10-15mm in length. Typical uses – stir-frying, sauces, muffins, cakes and preserves. Also available in syrup as a riberry confit. Helpful hints – Will lose pink colour on cooking but will generally regain it on standing. Do not over-cook. Also [...]

Wild Rosella

Wild Rosella Flavour – Tart raspberry and rhubarb taste. Colour and Appearance – Bright red and flower shaped with a length of about 25-40mm. Typical uses – sauces, pie fillings, pastries, ice-cream, sorbets, syrups and as a garnish. Helpful hints – Soak in sugar syrup to reduce tartness and use as garnish. Also available as [...]

Wild Limes – Small (Desert limes)

Wild Limes - Small (Desert limes) Flavour – very tart lime flavour. Colour and Appearance – Approx. 10-15mm in diameter, round, green, thin skin. Typical uses – Use whole as a garnish for mains or desserts. Helpful hints – Cook briefly to keep limes whole or cook in a weak sugar syrup. Salt lightly to [...]


Quandong Flavour – Mildly tart apricot and peach flavour. Colour and Appearance – Bright red fruit, available either whole or as halves. Typical Use – Sauces (meat or dessert), garnish. Helpful hints – Do not over-cook. Simmer gently in sauce or apple juice. Enhance with orange juice. Do not over-sweeten. The seed kernels are only [...]


Munthari Flavour – Granny Smith apple flavour with a subtle spicy finish. Colour and Appearance – Green to red and pea-sized. Typical Use – Use whole or extended with blended apples in muffins, fruit pies, puddings. Sauté with onions or mushrooms. Helpful hints – Once thawed, Munthari still presents well and can be used as [...]

Rainforest Limes

Rainforest Limes Flavour – Slightly tart but very intense lime flavour. Colour and Appearance – Approx. 20-30mm in diameter, round and light green or yellow. Typical uses – Marmalade, meat jams, sauces and desserts. Sugar-cured or char-grilled fruit slices. Helpful hints – Salt lightly to balance bitterness. Sweeten to taste but leave slightly tart. Products [...]

Lemon Aspen Juice

Lemon Aspen Juice Flavour – Tart citrus flavour like a blend of grapefruit and lime with a hint of honey and eucalyptus. Colour and Appearance – Pale yellow in colour, pasteurised and packed frozen. Once thawed, store chilled. Typical Use – Use to flavour soft desserts, dressings and sauces, sprinkle over oysters or pizza, use [...]