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Wild Foods, we need more of them

Wild Foods, we need more of them Lots of layers in this topic. There is no doubt that we should be eating more wild foods as they supply an enormous range of components that are being bred out of our conventional produce. Read more about this at the Wild Foods website. But I'd like to [...]

Cartoon ad from 2004

Cartoon Ad from 2004 I just happened to watch a video ad we made back in ’04. Still made me laugh. Let me know if you like it. And if you feel ready to shop, head on over to our online store. Use the promo code 2004Ad for a 10% discount on any retail purchases [...]

So What the Bloody Hell is Wattleseed?

So What the Bloody Hell is Wattleseed? (With apologies to those visitors who haven’t seen the Australian Tourism commission’s new ‘Where the bloody hell are you?’ ad campaign for Australia) For over 6000 years, Australian Aborigines in different clans around the country, parched and milled wattle seeds from around 100 of the 900 plus species [...]

Lemon aspen sweet chilli sauce

Lemon aspen sweet chilli sauce Flavour – Sweet citrusy flavour similar to a blend of grapefruit and lime with a hint of menthol enhanced with chilli Colour and Appearance – pale yellow, thick but flowing sauce with chilli flecks Typical uses – use as for any sweet chilli sauce Helpful hints – Do not use [...]

Lemon Aspen Syrup

Lemon Aspen Syrup Flavour – Sweet citrusy flavour similar to a blend of grapefruit and lime with a hint of menthol Colour and Appearance – Pale yellow, thick but flowing syrup. Typical uses – Use as a dessert flavouring or topping or as a meat glaze. Add white wine vinegar (around 25%) and then your [...]

Mountain Pepper Sauce

Mountain Pepper Sauce Flavour – hot pepper and spice with a fruity finish Colour and Appearance – thick brown sauce colour Typical uses – for all BBQ and grilled meats, stir-fry dishes, eggs, sausages and as a marinade; use as a base adding tomato paste, paperbark or bluegum smoke oils; great with sour cream over [...]

Bush Tomato Chutney

Bush Tomato Chutney Flavour – Akudjura (ground bush tomato) used in a tomato and apple base. Colour and Appearance – Orange/red chutney with some ingredients diced for texture. Typical uses – Accompanies red meat, pies or vegetables. Embellish with chopped tomato and basil for ‘Bushetta’. Use as a pizza or pasta sauce. Helpful hints – [...]

Rainforest Lime Splash

Rainforest Lime Splash Flavour – delicious wild lime flavour. Colour and Appearance – Lemon. Typical uses – Use at the grill when cooking any red or white meat, this splash seasoning makes use of juices on the meat and the wild lime flavour cooks on to enhance the natural character of the meat. Helpful hints [...]