Australian Functional Ingredients – by Vic Cherikoff

Beyond the Barbie

I had a nice little story on some up-coming events in which I have a hand across the Tasman in the land of the Great White Cloud. They are the Rosemount Spirit of Mateship Gala dinner on the 30th April and the Great Australian Gala Dinner on the 2nd May.

They are all to do with Australia Week and Tourism Australia’s efforts at drumming up more awareness of the Australian tourism scene.

Learn more about the week of events here and check out the story called Beyond the Barbie on-line here.

The lunch is a gourmet festival extravaganza, showcasing Australian lifestyle through our unique Australian food and Rosemount wines and Pure Blonde beer will feature a plenty.

The Spirit of Mateship Gala Dinner is a spectacular night of visual entertainment featuring a five-course dinner designed by myself and with Penfolds, Australia’s leading winemaker, providing wines to complement.

I am progressing on introducing some wild Kiwi herbs and spices and with the upgrading of our on-line store. Over the next few weeks you’ll see new products such as kawa kawa (a wild taragon-like herb more often called a bush basil), horopito (the NZ wild pepper) and possibly even piko piko or uncurled fern fronds although these are best fresh and this is more difficult on-line. A preserved product is on the drawing board.

However, I am convinced that there are a host of other wild foods from New Zealand which we could commercialize. So it is only a matter of time before our vast selection of Australian wild foods are complemented by some offerings from across the creek.



Vic Cherikoff