Australian Functional Ingredients – by Vic Cherikoff

Best Backyards - Channel 7 give me some generous coverage

Thanks to the Channel 7 crew of Best Backyards who made me look good on the show tonight. I really enjoyed meeting Best backyard presenter, Andrew O’Sullivan and discovering a whole new concept I guess few people think about: This is the difference between recycling and re-using.


Andrew is passionate about the second life for manufactured objects such as packaging, furniture, even paper and cardboard. We chatted for ages about how recycling has really benefited the corporations able to turn the process into a business and takes power away from us consumers. Naturally, the carbon footprint for re-used materials is way better than that for recycling.

Anyway. I had fun on Episode 7 of Best Backyards, talking about my favourite subject and the yard itself scrubbed up OK.

Much of what I said about the various plants I have growing got left on the editing floor but then again, it is a show about Best Backyards and not authentic Australian food. And the mention of my website certainly helped fill in the blanks for anyone interested.



Vic Cherikoff