Australian Functional Ingredients – by Vic Cherikoff

An Invitation to Guest bloggers

Judging from the short survey completed by visitors to my website who subscribe to my newsletter, my audience is pretty wide.

It includes:

  • consumers who love to cook with wild foods and others who came looking for gifts for their friends and family;
  • there are chefs who are discovering our incredible ingredients;
  • manufacturers looking to differentiate their new product development to make their new products stand apart in the market;
  • and another section of my traffic is more focused on the health aspects of eating wild foods. Some of these areas of interest may even overlap for some subscribers.

I would like to invite all my subscribers to send me recipes, questions, comments and recommendations on their area of interest and I will publish or do what’s needed to give the matter some air on my website.

You might have a simple or very sophisticated use for some of our products. Share them if you wish. An image of the dish would be great, preferably 300dpi and around 500px wide as a minimum.

You may have a question about more uses for say, Wildfire spice or Lemon myrtle sprinkle so that you can use what you have already got on hand or you might be wondering how best to use Paperbark or our various Smoke oils.

Please email me and see your communication in print.



Vic Cherikoff