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Recipes Feed  Recent Posts The Greenhouse Effect is Degrading our Food The Best Diet A Comment on Changing What We Taste in Food An update on Herbal-Active® – a natural preservative Lifestyle medicine by Dr David Katz Wild Foods, we need more of them Wild food dinner in the ‘Gong Freeze-Dried (Lyophilized) Wild Fruits [...]


Recipes Australian Recipes and Menu Ideas using Australian Wild Foods and Authentic Australian Ingredients We hope you discover many tempting recipes here and that you bookmark this page and visit regularly as these Australian recipes will be updated often. We also have more menu ideas and some cuisine concepts in our Australian Menu Planning Guide. You'll [...]


Be Creative with Authentic Australian Ingredients Why deal with Australian Functional Ingredients Pty Ltd? Vic Cherikoff is credited as a pioneer of the Australian Wild Food Industry, some say the Grandfather (or should that be Godfather?) of Australian wild foods and flavours. As a scientist, author and entrepreneur, he has put his degree in Applied [...]

Defining an Australian Cuisine

Defining an Australian Cuisine Obviously there's not much happening in hospitality at the moment, at least not much to write about. The trade rave, Hospitality Directory, regurgitated a rubbish piece on defining an Australian cuisine and dragged out the usual suspects for their comments. It is as if these chefs define what we cook at [...]

Some Website House-Keeping for 2014

Some Website House-Keeping for 2014 With a new Wordpress backbone and more blogs planned than last year, may I invite you to consider your subscription to the Australian Functional Ingredients, Cherikoff Bioactives and Dining Downunder sections of what we do? As my long term subscribers know, I write about on a range of topics and [...]

Is it Xmas or the End of the Year?

Is it Xmas or the End of the Year? As if the silly season wasn't busy enough, I had to fiddle with my websites and being the eternal optimist, I knew it would all go smoothly (not). Anyway, long nights, crazy days and with a lot of help from my IT guru in Pakistan we [...]


About Cherikoff Australian Ingredients - Part 1: A Bit of History Next - Part 2: About Cherikoff Flavours >>>   The story behind the pioneering steps … I’d like to give you some of the reasons behind my commitment to the native Australian food industry, which goes back to the early 1980s when I began [...]

Flavour Frontier

Flavour Frontier About Cherikoff Australian Ingredients - Part 2: About Cherikoff Flavours <<< Back - Part 1: A Bit of History   The Flavours of Australia Cuisine is a moving parade. Trends change. New ingredients or new ways of using old ones bring variety and interest. Styles come and go from nouvelle cuisine (too much [...]

About us

About Us Allow me to introduce myself: I have been credited with being a pioneer of the Australian wild food industry and have been promoting and marketing wild foods since the early 1980s and have been discovering, eating and testing foraged foods since my high school years back in the 1970s. Cherikoff spices, herbs, fruits, [...]

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