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Monthly Archives: November 2011

The Dukan Diet Made Easy and Doubly Effective

The Dukan Diet Made Easy and Doubly Effective Dr Pierre Dukan, the French doctor who created the Dukan diet has developed an excellent diet program and one which has 5 million French people embracing it along with royalty, celebrities and millions of others in many countries. The gist of the regime, as they call it [...]

An invitation from Vic Cherikoff

An invitation from Vic Cherikoff I am looking for people who want to change their lives to work with me in a small, coached team. If you are open to a side project that will not interfere with your current activities AND you are highly motivated, a natural leader and really want to achieve your [...]

Making Xmas Easy on Yourself

Making Xmas Easy on Yourself Xmas is approaching rapidly and the team at the Dining Downunder on-line store wish you all the very best for the Season. With a wide range of food products, stocking stuffers and unlimited ideas incorporating the unique flavours of Australia, we make it easy for you to select and send [...]

Selling from the Shelves

Selling from the Shelves How do smaller retailers get to their customers when the cost of advertising is prohibitive? And then there’s the truism; “Half of my advertising is worthwhile but I don’t know which half.” We have managed to establish distribution of our Skews® which are my innovative herb and spice range delivered as [...]