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April, 2006
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ANZAC biscuits on Anzac Day

ANZAC biscuits on Anzac DayANZAC Day means different things to different people these days. To some, it’s only a time to drag out Mum’s old recipe for ANZAC biscuits and bake a batch. In our house, they rarely got to the hard crack stage which only happened as they cooled on storage as most were Read More …

So What the Bloody Hell is Wattleseed?

So What the Bloody Hell is Wattleseed?(With apologies to those visitors who haven’t seen the Australian Tourism commission’s new ‘Where the bloody hell are you?’ ad campaign for Australia) For over 6000 years, Australian Aborigines in different clans around the country, parched and milled wattle seeds from around 100 of the 900 plus species of Acacia, Read More …

Unnatural Acts at The Natural Products Expo

Unnatural Acts at The Natural Products ExpoI just clocked another few weeks in the USA with presentations to retailers, wholesalers and a few manufacturers in New York before heading over to the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, Ca. There is huge interest in all things Australian and quality products will always grab attention and hold Read More …