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The Dining Downunder Cookbook by Vic Cherikoff and Benjamin Christie contains the recipes from the series Dining Downunder, a 13 part TV series which aired in 48 countries. For more on this series, visit the Dining Downunder website.

Unfortunately, at this stage, our best selling book, The Bushfood Handbook is now out of print. However, some chapters are in the process of being released as e-books. Watch this space.

The book, Wild Foods; Looking back 60,000 years for clues to our future survival, is the distillation of a lifetime’s work on the food and medicinal values of wild foods as well as insights into the traditional land management practices of some of the 600 clans who once lived throughout the entire continent.

Lastly, please note that for domestic sales in Australia, we add GST to the given cost of non-food items such as our books.

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