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Pork Fillet Smoked in Paperbark with Munthari Berry compote

180g pork fillet (trimmed)
20g diced pork
10g onion (diced)
20g Munthari
10ml white wine
¼ g Native mint, ground
10g honey dew melon (diced)
a generous pinch of Lemon Myrtle Sprinkle
20g baby spinach (pousse)
1 cos lettuce leaf
1 piece of thinned paperbark
oil for frying


· Sweat onions and munthari berries in some oil
· Add wine and native mint and reduce until no liquid is left
· Add honeydew melon, remove from heat and season with lemon myrtle
· Cut open pork fillet and flatten out to one large escalope
· Layer diced pork, compote and baby spinach and season with salt
· Roll up fillet and wrap in cos leaf and paper bark and cook on flat top (or dry pan)
· Suggested vegetables to serve – pomme roast, small turned carrot, beetroot, zucchini or chicken jus

With the compliments of Robert Fuchs, Executive Chef Holiday Inn Coogee Beach

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