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Why deal with Australian Functional Ingredients Pty Ltd? Vic Cherikoff is credited as a pioneer of the Australian Wild Food Industry, some say the Grandfather (or should that be Godfather?) of Australian wild foods and flavours. As a scientist, author and entrepreneur, he has put his degree in Applied Biology to work in developing bioactive resources, including unique flavour blends, freeze dried wild food ingredients, topical cosmetic functionals, antimicrobials, super-nutritionals and more.

When Vic Cherikoff started in business over 30 years ago, the only supplies were to be foraged where they grew wild. Read more here if you wish but today’s offerings are fully professional, quality controlled, sustainably harvested, scientifically scrutinized and perfect for anyone wanting to experience the authentic tastes of this Land or use the amazing skin care actives which were once only known to the families of the clans that made up the 600 nations of the World’s longest living culture; the Indigenous Australians.

  • Get our Natural Antimicrobial, Herbal-Active® for food or cosmetic manufacture

  • Try Fresher4Longer natural food rinse™ for fresh produce. Get longer shelf life, reduce food waste, enhance food safety save the environment

  • Functional ingredients and flavours: We are expert in supplying many mainstream food manufacturers with functional Australian ingredients including blends, extracts and other products to differentiate new products or renew old ones or

  • Create Inspiring Menus using Wild Foods


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If you want more information on:

  • Foraging for herbs, spices, fruits, berries, infused oils, paperbark or other wild foods?
  • Hunting for innovative, functional flavours to differentiate your product and brand as a manufacturer?
  • Are you an adventurous chef, cook or foodie wanting to know more about Australian food?
  • Or is your interest in our ‘Rolls Royce’ health product – LIFE or other nutritionally dense wild foods for health and vitality?
  • Check out this interview I did on ABC radio about my work on wild foods
  • Or if you are just browsing for more information on Australian herbs, spices, fruits and other wild foods head on to the blogs on various bits and pieces of Recent News
  • And then there is a way that we can help you as a benefit of the growing interest in wild foods as the newest health foods of the longest living culture on the planet.Most people get excited or want to learn more when they discover that they can get healthy using wild foods. It is also possible to pay off those bills, get away for more holidays, escape the 9 to 5 or make sure their kids finish Uni with no debts or stress.If you want to learn how, please add yourself to this list and I’ll call you if you want next year to be different to this one.
  • Click here for more on Australian ingredients as wild foods and natural flavours e.g. Wattleseed, lemon myrtle sprinkle, Alpine pepper, paperbark etc. Or ingredients for cosmetics eg grass lily, quandong kernel extract, Kakadu plum, jalbi and more.
  • Click here for Australian recipes and more on our emerging Australian cuisine eg Wattleseed pavlova or barramundi in paperbark or Coconut and Lemon myrtle brulée
  • Click here for Australian functional ingredients eg our natural antimicrobial, Herbal-Active®, bioactive flavours eg forest anise, fruit spice, Kakadu Complex®.
  •  Australian menu ideas and specifically our Skews® or the 13 part TV series on Australian cooking, Dining Downunder.
  • or our blog on recent news items, new products and industry happenings. Click here for a list of all my articles on a relatively wide variety of topics but all to do with Australian food.

Australian Functional Ingredients include spices, herbs, fruits, seeds, nuts, sauces, splashes, seasonings, syrups, infused oils, extracts, concentrates and more. Used in authentic Australian recipes these unique flavours are defining Australian food and help chefs and home cooks to create what is becoming and emerging authentic Australian cuisine.

Vic Cherikoff is regarded as a pioneer of the native Australian food industry and has nearly 30 years of experience in commercializing wild food species, taking them from the wild as bush tucker or bush foods to developing them into sophisticated, versatile, authentic Australian foods, beverages and functional ingredients. Where else would you go except to the market leader for quality, range, volumes and innovation of Australian ingredients and professionalism of service?


Australian food

To begin exploring this website on Australian food, the 3 links below might help:

1. Cherikoff Rare Spices – our retail range for creative cooks and foodies

The first is on our growing Vic Cherikoff, The Essence of Australia branded

retail range (follow this link to go to our on-line store). Here you will find our food ingredients, cookbooks and also Kakadu Complex®), a new Super Food beverage which is beginning to make waves across Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Europe. We urge you to try some and feel the difference in your health and vitality.

Cherikoff Rare Spices

Give your own familiar recipes a uniquely Australian flavour with our distinctively delicious, nutritiously enticing herbs, spices, fruits, seeds and products made from them. It is really easy to add a sprinkle or a dash of a wild food product to transform a dish and add that Wow! factor.


2. Cherikoff Wild Foods – our professional chefs’ range

This second link below will take you to our professional chef pages but anyone who loves new flavours, foods and creative cooking can start learning about Vic Cherikoff and AUstralian Functional Ingredients here. Our on-line store also caters for wholesale purchasers so it’s easy to get commercial sized quantities of Lemon myrtle sprinkle, Wattleseed, Alpine pepper, Riberry confit and the other products in our wide range of catering ingredients.

Cherikoff Food Service

Chefs and restaurateurs – fill your outlet with customers who rave about your food. What better way to promote your establishment than word of mouth and becoming part of a global trend exploring the newest flavors in the food industry. Download our current Product Glossary.

3. Cherikoff Bioactives – functional ingredients and flavors for manufacturers

Or visit our manufacturing ingredient division (Cherikoff Bioactives). We supply the more discerning leading brands you see on supermarket shelves and in specialty stores, companies which realize the competitive edge a uniquely Australian food twist brings to a product range. Here you will also find information on our cosmetic ingredients and functionals such as Herbal-Active® and Fresher4Longer natural food rinse™ which are classed as natural flavours yet have strong antimicrobial action when used in low concentrations in appropriate foods, beverages and cosmetics.

Cherikoff Bioactives

Our unique Australian ingredients give you a competitive edge. Our flavors will create interest; re-vitalise existing products; or create entirely new ones; and in the process bring in plenty of new customers.

And be sure to check out our other related website where you’ll find more wild food recipes and lots of videos from the Dining Downunder television series.

Australian Food News

Vic Cherikoff blog and recent news

  • Does Fructose Make Me Look Fat In This? - September 16, 9:53 am - Interesting to see the mainstream press slowly cottoning on to the fact that fructose is a bad sugar in the same way as trans-fats and low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol are bad fats. From my own research into sucrose and the deleterious effects of the fructose within it, I believe that we have not gone […]
  • Wild Foods – my newest book is out! - August 26, 11:49 am - Woo-whoo! My new book is out and available in our on-line store. The sub-title to Wild Foods – Looking back 60,000 years for clues to our future survival tells you a little of the range of topics covered by my writings and that of contributors Ian Chivers and Izabela Konczak. The overall theme is disruptive […]
  • LIFE: Intelligent Nutrition, Anti-ageing and the Fountain of Youth - March 25, 1:19 pm - Discover what Intelligent Nutrition is all about. After all, we only have one life so why not make every day count? Start with just 5g of LIFE dissolved in any amount of water a day and see how much energy you get. All sorts of little niggles and those early signs of ageing are addressed. […]
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  • Wild Foods, Wild Health and a Wild LIFE - June 15, 6:24 pm - Here’s breaking news!!! Firstly, let me explain why this blog post might be of interest to you. I love cooking with wild foods. I use them in every meal I prepare myself and I choose to eat game meats such as roo and crocodile (and seafood) because I know they are better for me and […]
  • OzLIFE logo poll – Please add your choice - May 24, 5:57 pm - If you want to know more about the OzLIFE project, head on over to this page for more details. Please share this around. The more responses we get the better.
  • Defining an Australian Cuisine - May 19, 6:54 am - Obviously there’s not much happening in hospitality at the moment, at least not much to write about. The trade rave, Hospitality Directory, regurgitated a rubbish piece on defining an Australian cuisine and dragged out the usual suspects for their comments. It is as if these chefs define what we cook at home. I have written […]
  • Closing the Gap? Dumb answers to Complex Questions - April 28, 1:48 pm - Another insightful, poignant, reflective dispatch from a mate, Frank Barda who has lived in a remote Aboriginal community on the edge of the Tanami Desert for what must be over 45 years now. He provides some unique insights into the ‘management and administration’ of Aboriginal people all over the country. It would be funny if […]
  • Aboriginal Science – an interesting perspective - April 27, 1:04 am - Interesting article below. It really does illustrate the power of paradigms. Compare this to the modern reductionist paradigm in health and nutrition where Governments are spending huge sums on genetic research thinking that we will be able to fix disease states by tweaking a few genes here and there. It smacks of Hilter’s Youth to […]
  • LIFE – Lyophilized Indigenous Food Essentials - April 15, 11:36 pm - Look Out World – We are about to re-invent nutritional support but we need your financial support to do so. LIFE (Lyophilized Indigenous Food Essentials) is a new product that will start as a powdered version of Kakadu Complex® but with enhancements that will put this already impressive nutritional on steroids (functionally speaking that is). […]
  • New Products – Freeze-dried Wild Fruits - February 9, 10:16 am - By the end of February, 2014 we will have a new freeze-drier up and running. The plans are to produce wild fruits for chocolate coating eg riberries, rainforest limes, desert limes, finger limes, wild rosellas and quandong. Naturally, they will be pre-dipped in Fresher4Longer to sanitize them for added shelf life once rehydrated and for […]
  • How to Start 2014 Without a Santa Belly - January 21, 11:28 am - Weight loss is a multi-million dollar business. It is a growing industry (if you’ll excuse the pun). As our food quality falls and we breed more produce that’s sweeter (from sucrose) or starchier, juicier, lower in fibre, more nutritionally dilute we get more obese and suffer its complications. As we put more bad fats (trans-fats), […]
  • Some Website House-Keeping for 2014 - December 26, 11:51 am - With a new WordPress backbone and more blogs planned than last year, may I invite you to consider your subscription to the Australian Functional Ingredients, Cherikoff Bioactives and Dining Downunder sections of what we do? As my long term subscribers know, I write about on a range of topics and some new ones are planned […]
  • Is it Xmas or the End of the Year? - December 17, 10:39 am - As if the silly season wasn’t busy enough, I had to fiddle with my websites and being the eternal optimist, I knew it would all go smoothly (not). Anyway, long nights, crazy days and with a lot of help from my IT guru in Pakistan we migrated this website to WordPress. Textpattern was working OK […]
  • Not a mention of Australian cuisine in popular World food trends - November 4, 7:31 pm - A recent research report on the food trends in the USA listed the usual suspects including Italian, Mexican and Chinese as the ‘Big 3’. Lower on the list were French, Spanish and Greek before Japanese, Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Caribbean, Peruvian and Cuban food. Some cuisines were further segmented by regionality or characterized by one […]
  • Putting Australia on the Menu - October 25, 7:43 pm - I’d like to start out by saying I am really thrilled that we are seeing Australian wild foods on such high profile menus as in the topic of this blog. I am grateful for the time and commitment each chef using any wild food ingredient has invested in discovering, understanding and exploring what are new […]
  • Nearly half of the food we grow is wasted - October 23, 7:43 pm - Lots of interest in Fresher4Longer natural food rinse™ (and Herbal-Active®, our industrial name for the same product) since we won the Australian Food Industry Innovations Award for 2013. I have a few links to articles on the topic of food waste in the UK listed below. Here’s a way for all of us to benefit: […]
  • An Invitation to Guest bloggers - September 27, 7:43 pm -   Judging from the short survey completed by visitors to my website who subscribe to my newsletter, my audience is pretty wide. It includes: consumers who love to cook with wild foods and others who came looking for gifts for their friends and family; there are chefs who are discovering our incredible ingredients; manufacturers looking […]
  • Australian Native Extracts for Cosmetics - September 26, 7:42 pm - Australian Functional Ingredients is a specialist in supplying Australian native extracts for a wide range of applications. Food uses include nutritional mixes for concentrates, puree blends and flavourings for beverages which use the super-food status of Australian wild foods. And then there are the myriad of cosmetic products and which uses our expertise on traditional […]
  • Danish Chef leads Australians by example - August 17, 7:29 pm - Great article recently about wild food Chef Rene Redzepi from Denmark in the SMH. Here’s a young chef who has embraced his regions wild foods and incorporated them using skill, flare and commitment to win the accolades of being the best of the top 50 restaurants in the world. He recently toppled Spain’s El Bulli […]
  • Breeding the Nutrition out of our Food - August 11, 7:43 pm - Here is more grist for the mill on claims as to the falling nutritional value of our foods. Our food supply is being bred for the convenience of the distribution chains, that is, fruits that don’t bruise and can be picked green to ripen in transit or after prolonged storage. Vegetables that are large and […]
  • Herbal-Active® wins Australian Food Industry Innovation Award - July 28, 7:43 pm - I am really pleased to have received the Australian Food Industry Innovation Award 2013 for my natural antimicrobial, Herbal-Active®. I have a lot of information on my site about Herbal-Active® and the retail/food service packed pouches we market as Fresher4Longer natural food rinse™. That link is the search result when Herbal-Active® is used as a […]
  • What’s the perfect diet and why are we getting fat? - July 11, 7:35 pm - It’s pretty clear that as a population, we in the developed world are losing the Battle of the Bulge. Despite promotion of whole foods, organics or healthy food choices; the marketing of food pyramids; go, grow, glow food charts; 2 fruits and 5 vegetable campaigns; swags of nutritionists clogging government halls, supermarket PR departments and […]
  • Do Prehistoric Taste Drives Still Rule our Lives? - May 6, 7:42 pm - I have often spoken about our instinctive taste drives but recently, while looking for a reference on this topic, I realized that I had not written about it. It appears that we have at least 4 biological taste drives that regulated how we survived in ancient times without food pyramids or dietitians. These drives are […]
  • The 12 Tastes – create appealing dishes from the ground up - March 21, 7:42 pm - So many chefs still seem to ignore the basic building blocks of food – the 12 basic tastes and taste-smells. French traditions are built on empirical trial and error and apprentice chefs are shown the way it’s always been done. Rarely is the food science behind cooking presented as why various techniques are used. Molecular […]
  • Can’t lose weight? Here’s Why… - January 17, 7:41 pm - If you’ve tried to lose weight before and failed, it is probably not your fault. The quality of our foods and the way your metabolism reacts are probably the causes. There are so many rubbish diets and food plans, detox programs and celebrity systems that are more designed to sell magazines and spa retreats than […]
  • Environmental disaster in the Kimberley - January 13, 7:41 pm - The more I researched the fact of the Australian Government planning to lease land to the Chinese to grow sugar cane in the Kimberly, the more incensed I got. 33,000 ha of the pristine Kimberly coast will be obliterated to grow a single species and far more valuable wild plants, let alone whole ecosystems will […]
  • Sugar in the Kimberley – sweet and sour Chinese anyone? - November 24, 7:41 pm - With what I have written about sugar recently, you may understand why this report makes me scratch my head in disbelief: ‘Shanghai Zhongfu Group plans to invest up to A$700m (US$728m) in the next six years in developing land in the far north (of Western Australia) and building a sugar mill that will produce about […]
  • Is an Australian Thanksgiving a Fair Dinkum idea? - November 23, 7:40 pm - Australians often roll their eyes at the things Americans do. To many of us, their customs can range from kitch to kwaint to kweer. Think of their parades and proms. Their totally unrealistic, puritan expectations of their politicians. Their Christian zeal is often too hypocritical. Their heart-on-the-sleeve emotional openness contrasts to their xenophobic attitudes that […]
  • Sugar and wheat – are these like drugs to us? - October 2, 7:40 pm - This is a newsletter I recently sent to those on my Weightloss with Superfoods news group so if you are a subscriber to this blog you might be getting it again. My apologies if that’s the case. However, it is important information for anyone interested in their health and in these economic times, who can […]

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